My Ribbon Art

Here is a link to a Facebook post that I shared today about my artworks that I have on display this week at the Platte County fair. I included photographs of my artworks with the ribbons attached. I won eight blue ribbons, two red ribbons, two white ribbons, and one pink ribbon, which means that all of my submitted artworks won a ribbon. I am deeply honored to receive such recognition from my peer, a judge from Casper, Wyoming, who is an art teacher in the Casper public schools and at Casper College. Although the premiums for these ribbons do not provide a lot of cash, it is well worth my effort and time to receive these accolades, which reinforce my identity as an artist. At this point in my life, I have chosen to develop my creative potential as an artist and writer because I believe that it is important for me to pursue my dreams and aspirations, regardless of my senior citizen status.

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